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Crowded Istanbul Bazar collection: YasAi surreal fantasies / 99 of 99

10 % of sales will go to creator

5.0 WBNB ($ 1528.75)

Hotel yildizlar Eve Art wall collection founded by Yasaman Sharifzadeh, Media Artist and Web3 consultant. *Owners can have 3 nights free accommodation. breakfast included for 2 person in a dreamy island in heart of Turkey till end of 2022. *Each NFT will serve you as a double edge sword giving you insider access to news, updates, giveaways, invitations and future tools Such as augmented reality events and airdrop. Owners also will be notified on new art as well as sponsorship events With Cinema Touraco Media Art Studio. For more information you can visit the link below Http://www.cinematouraco.com Hotel Yildizlar Eve located in the heart of Buyukada Island, biggest island in Prince Island; Istanbul/Turkey. Yildizlar Eve Hotel are decorated in classical style with Yasmaanik Augmented reality painting prints with a free AI/AR card postal/Canvas NFT as a gift.

Minted 11 months ago
by @Yasmaanik